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Our team advocates on behalf of those in our communities whose voices often go unheard. From housing to mental health program funding and more, we are making real changes within our community.

Advocacy: Services

AB 1618: Housing on Depot Street

LEAD collaborated with the Santa Maria Housing Authority to expand a city ordinance that created 14 housing units originally targeted at seniors. When the Housing Authority received money from AB1618 & HEAP ( Homeless Emergency Aid Program) to open these units to persons with “special needs” in addition to seniors, several neighborhood residences objected.  A LEAD member shared their lived experience about the importance of adequate housing on mental stability and as a building block to reentry into the community.  The housing ordinance change passed 3-2 in favor.

Bus Stop Issues at

Behavioral Wellness

Santa Maria Clinic

Successful advocacy with the City of Santa Maria to place a bus stop in front of the Behavioral Health Clinic on Foster Road with regularly scheduled stops to provide greater access to mental health services for those who are without transportation. We are proud to point to this as an effective application of our training.

Growing Grounds Farm

LEAD members made key public comment presentations to the Santa Barbara Board of Supervisors in May 2019 in support of the Growing Grounds Farm receiving a contract from Santa Barbara County.  As of this writing, that campaign was successful.

Advocacy: List
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