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Education is a vital part of our program. We strive to educate the community about topics surrounding mental health and wellness. We also continue our own education in order to stay informed on how to be a successful advocate in the community.

Education: Services

AHC Graduating Nurse Presentations

LEAD Project members share about their lived experience and focus on the positive and negative impact that attitudes and care provided by medical staff can have on one’s ability to cope with symptoms and work towards recovery.  Studies have shown a direct correlation between the attitudes held by medical professionals towards patients from marginalized communities and the long term health outcomes of these populations. By providing real world examples to these graduating nurses, LEAD members provide an essential piece of the story and that is that persons with mental illness can and do recover.

Community Forums

LEAD participates in annual community forums put on by the Alliance for Mental Wellness, which is a collaboration between LEAD, Transitions-Mental Health Association, and Allan Hancock College Student Health Services. These outreach events have educational components such as suicide prevention training and how to stave off burnout.

Grassroots Organizing Advocacy Workshops

In March 2019, LEAD unveiled its advocacy workshop: A United Voice at the Western Peer Conference in Culver City. Nine peers attended the 90 minute workshop as four LEAD members shared the evolution of LEAD and what the project has learned from 4 years of advocacy.

Speaking Skills Workshop

A daylong speaker training for new and seasoned LEAD members with Coach Lisa Braithwaite, M.A.  The training was designed to refresh and build on public speaking skills and further refine our membership’s ability to write and give speeches.

Education: List
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